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Description About Ginga Kouya Ichigo[]

Ginga Kouya Ichigo ia an action/adventure series inspired by Yoshihiro Takahashi's Ginga series. This series has mild blood and violence, sometimes it's major, but mainly for 10+ (or 11+ depending on the person :]). This is the main info page about the manga. SPOILER ALERT

Story Version[]

The story is a written story, a little different from the manga. SPOILER ALERT


A Rhodesian Ridgeback's mother, Claire, had been killed by a rabid dog and Ichigo, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, has no heart to leave her so he stays and almost starves himself to be with her.



Chapter 1[]

Ichigo is a happy go lucky pup who has no mother. He soon meets a Samoyed, revealed to be Zodiac. They become friends very quickly and they stick together. That's the last part of the chapter.

Chapter 2[]

Ichigo and Zodiac meet the last Koga ninja dog. The ninja begs for mercy as Zodiac is about to kill him. Zodiac gets angered but doesn't show it so he and Ichigo become friends with the Koga (named Megpoid [after Megpoid Gumi]). Ichigo becomes real friends with him, while Zodiac is just pretending. While Ichigo and Megpoid are taking a walk because Zodiac says he needs a rest, he makes up a plan to purge (dispose of) Megpoid. He catches up to the two, and grabs Megpoid by the neck and throws him into the icy creek. Ichigo bites Zodiac and jumps into the creek to save his buddy. Zodiac watches as the two struggle. They fall down the waterfall that's up ahead. They plunge into the lake where they both start sinkin. Zodiac rushes to the lake and jumps in. Ichigo grabs Megpoid by the scruff and heaves him up. Ichigo sees them and forces out in a bubbily way, "You don't need to die. It's his destiny to do that." That's the last part of the chapter.

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