The rules help keep our staff, users, and maybe even founder in line and these help make sure that we're safe and sound.

  1. Well, as a fact, to new users, there are vandalizers and trolls out there. It's up to the rollbackers, admins bureaucrats, experienced users and founder to get rid of these people. So, do a good job, and you'll be part of G.K.I.S.T! (Ginga Kouya Ichigo Security Team.)
  2. Please do your best to help and contribute this wiki, not break it down. That would be really sad, especially for experienced users who are/were trusted extremely. Unfortunatley, for G.K.I.S.T members, their admin/rollbacker/bureaucrat status will be removed as a warning, and they will be banned if they don't stop being a pest. We'll be SUPER sad to see you leave. ;(
  3. Do not harass or rant other users. Even though public displays of affection aren't cool on this wiki, it's just not ok to fight with each other. This applies to chat, also. Let's all be friends on this wiki, ok?
  4. Negative attitude soaks into this website, and fast. Please see if you can be a good cookie, ok? And if you feel bad, not prone to rage, just sad, we feel really bad for you.
  5. Have some fun on this wiki, and explore the world of GKI (and GMNG)! Remember to be a good egg on this wiki, and you'll be in the G.K.I.S.T, and follow these rules!

These rules aren't unfair, they're just to keep this wiki fresh, clean, fun, and informational. Do not object to these rules please. You can just go to another wiki if you don't like it, don't vandalize it. Btw, vandalizing is NOT a sport, it's a crime. It's unreasonable to just go off and tear an active website apart, right? Yes. NOW GO BE A GOOD -insert food here-!

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